Nettlebee Ranch

A cattle ranch, overseen by halflings. The Temple of Elemental Earth, began extorting money from the ranch, forcing the father and son to despoil a nearby barrows of the Uthgardt barbarians for sell able wares. Upon coxing from the Temple of Earth, the Father/Son team also began spreading rumors that fire witches had returned and were ravaging the area. To further the plot, they also branded the majority of their heard with a strange symbol.

The Hero’s of Redlarch eventually investigated, but were trapped within the Uthgardt barrows by the Father and Son team. The Heros of Redlarch escaped from the barrows, with a dozen barbarians and Javor, the ghost of a famous Uthgardt chieftan, in tow. The ranch was surrounded, and both Wiggan and his son were executed for desecrating the Uthgardt Barrows, but not before informing the Heros of Redlarch that their contact was a Mud Sorcerer named Mirage. The rest of the halfling family was escorted to Helvenblade House for their protection.

Wiggan (Deceased) – Ran farm. him and his son sicced earth elemental on us when we went to the chieftans tomb. Was executed by Javor.

Javor – angry ghost chieftan

Mirage aka Mud Sorcerer – from earth cult. Wants us dead.

Nettlebee Ranch

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